Ringling Docent

My thoughts about my relationship with John and Mable Ringling Museum are multi faceted and have affected my way of life here in Florida for the past 12 years.

As a visiting tourist I sat in the front seat of a tram and said to the driver, “Hey, this is fun. How can I get to do this?” He reached down in the dash and handed me an application, and thus started the saga of a rewarding relationship with my “extended Ringling family”.

Climbing the corporate ladder, I ultimately trained for a Docent position at the Ca d Zan. Having performed in Community Theatre up north for over 30 years, and as a tour guide with straw hat and cane, I toured visitors through Newburgh, New York's Historic District in a multi-tram pulled by a vintage Fire Truck. Needless to say my script for Ca d Zan is embellished with a distinct outfit, rubber nose and all, and presented with the true flare of a seasoned Thespian.

I am in awe to learn of the tremendously wide variety of backgrounds and talent my fellow Docents bring to the table as their individual contribution. We all have a common bond insofar as an enjoyable unselfish giving to the Ringling Family.